California Dreamin’ Night

CA Dreamin Night

Donations are needed for our annual "California Dreamin' Night" to be held in January of 2018.

>The purpose of this event is to give Air Force Academy Cadets from California a break from their rigorous schedule of classes and military training for an evening of refreshment. Our goal is to bring uniquely California food, treats, and fun from back home. Typically the months of January and February are known as the “Dark Ages” at the Academy as the weather is cold, grey, and windy, so this affair will bring California “sunshine” to our hard-working cadets!

The event is sanctioned by the Air Force Academy in that we will be holding it at Arnold Hall on the USAFA campus, but the Academy will not be providing any financial support or assistance. Instead our Parents Association (UPALAC), which supports Air Force Academy cadets from California and their families, will bear the responsibility of generating all the necessary finances, food, gifts, and volunteer hours.

Up-to-date information on the event plans may be found at the California Dreamin' Facebook page.

All California cadets will be invited to the occasion and each may bring along a friend or guest cadet. Along with parent organizers and helpers, we expect to have about 1000 people in attendance. We are looking for Southern California-based Food Service Corporations to donate all the food for the evening so our future AF officers can have a “taste of home” not easily found in Colorado Springs!

A special shout out to the following sponsors that have gone above and beyond to help make this event a reality for our cadets!