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Membership in the USAFA Parents' Club comes highly recommended by the command staff, including the Superintendent. The cadet's 4-year Academy enrollment is a roller coaster ride of climbing peaks of joy and descending into valleys of utter misery. Parents sometimes do not feel up to the task, or are spent and need re-energizing from moms and dads who have been there, done that. We, your fellow Academy parents, want to see your cadet succeed, and so we extend a hand in friendship.

Membership fees support club events throughout the year, including the ALO Candidate Reception, Appointee Reception, Annual Summer Picnic, Bi-monthly Club Meetings, Football Gatherings, All Academy Ball, Graduate Parents gifts, and our new "California Dreamin' Night".  You'll also have access to online password-protected club documents like our Club Roster, Beat the Beast information, USAFA Honors' List, and invaluable handouts like the USAFA Terms, Acronyms and Abbreviations, Doolie Parent Tips, and Preppie Parent Tips.

Cadets and preppies invariably face dark times, magnified a hundred-fold by the tremendous pressures of a military service education. Knowing what to say, how to say it, when to say it are already difficult. Finding out that your cadet may be discarding his/her dream on a bad day is very difficult and heartrending for any parent. We offer the caring support and camaraderie of families who share in your cadet's or preppie's endeavor.  You also gain by the experience of families ahead of you in the journey and can glean from their tips and input!

We look forward to welcoming you to your local USAFA community!

*All membership requests subject to verification as a USAFA or USAFA Preparatory School parent(s) or caregiver.

Save $50 on your membership when you get a 4-yr membership. Includes:

  • 2 official USAFA personalized nametags
  • A beautiful USAFA photo frame

A pro-rated refund of the membership fee is available if your cadet leaves the Academy.

Please allow 48 hours for our webmaster to approve your membership and add you to our list.  Upon approval, you will receive an e-mail with login information.

Names (e.g., John & Jane Doe):
Cadet/Grad Yr (Joe Doe/2012)


Names (e.g., John & Jane Doe):
Cadet/Grad Yr (Joe Doe/2012)


USAFA Parents' Club personalized nametags are traditionally worn at all USAFA events, including the popular Parents' Weekend, Acceptance Day, ALO Candidate Reception, Club Meetings, etc. Don't leave home without it.
Get two (2) personalized name tags.

Names (e.g., John & Jane Doe):
Cadet/Grad Yr (Joe Doe/2012)